Healthcare Eyes Wide Open


Our precision medicine based GET DNAbled Program will bring to light your risk factors for potential health concerns. The goal of the Get DNAbled process is to empower you to act upon early detection of illnesses while they are most treatable and avoid ones that are preventable.

The GET DNAbled approach uses whole genome sequencing to determine the entirety of your unique genetic make-up. Your sequence is then analyzed in multiple curated databases to identify significant genetic variants. Our board-certified physician evaluates your genetic variants within the context of your comprehensive personal and family medical history, to deliver an actionable health plan tailored exclusively for you. Establishing a baseline snapshot of where your health is today is vital to creating a dynamic GET DNAbled Blueprintarming you with profound up-to-the-minute insights to inform your optimal healthcare planning through every stage of your life..

The GET DNAbled process is easy, collaborative and designed to be convenient for you.

We Get To Know You.
The first step is to have a personalized phone consultation with one of our providers. As part of this process, you will also complete our online medical & family history questionnaire to assure that we have all the info necessary for the best possible set of assessments and recommendations.

We Get To Know You Even More.
You will receive your easy-to-use DNA saliva sample kit in the mail, which you will return directly to us in a postage-paid envelope. After your DNA is sequenced, the raw DNA data file is run through multiple curated databases which identify important gene variants found in your unique genetic profile.
We Identify Where You Are At Risk.
As part of the whole genome sequencing process, we will receive targeted and comprehensive DNA-based Health & Wellness Reports that show how specific gene variants inform various areas of your overall health profile. We will also procure any additional testing and results that were included in your custom GET DNAbled Plan. Your personalized GET DNAbled Blueprint will be created by Dr. Stanford, incorporating all of these insights, in the context of your personal and family medical history.

You Will Receive Your
GET DNAbled Blueprint.
You will meet one on one with Dr. Stanford who will walk you through your GET DNAbled Blueprint and answer any questions that you might have. You will receive actionable insights and tools to inform any potential medical and lifestyle changes, supplements, recommendations for health-grade wearables, as well as pharmaceutical changes that you will discuss with your primary care provider — all to enable you to live your best and healthiest life.
You Get Access.
Following your appointment with Dr. Stanford, you will have ongoing access to your data via our HIPAA compliant secure Patient Portal. There you will find your GET DNAbled Blueprint, DNA-based Health & Wellness Reports, additional lab results and a file of your sequenced whole genome. You will also be able to share access with your family and PCP as you see fit. Your GET DNAbled Program purchase includes the first-year’s subscription for secure storage.

But Wait, There Is More.
Because we want to be precise with who you are and your personal health and wellness status, we have an integrative medical doctor on staff to round out the testing and recommendations when it comes to evidenced based diet, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations. In addition, as genetic science rapidly advances, and your personal and family health information changes, there is always more to learn from your personal genetics and new information to add to your lifelong blueprint. For an additional fee, periodic updates to your GET DNAbled Blueprint as well as your Health & Wellness Reports will be prepared by our physician and staff.