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  • Most recognizable DNA testing companies (i.e. 23andMe) utilize a less comprehensive method (genotyping chips) to determine a limited number of gene variants, a tiny fraction of the total variation from one person to another. This method does not sequence your DNA and provides a very limited view of an individual’s genetic variation and is not intended to be comprehensive, nor used for clinical purposes. As the body of genetic scientific knowledge expands, these genotyping chips become obsolete and recurrent testing (and cost) is needed to leverage the new information. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is used in the GET DNAbled process and captures virtually every single point of variation from person to person and has no need to be repeated to leverage new scientific findings. GET DNAbled uses WGS contextualized with an individual’s real-world personal medical and family history to allow interpretation and consultative report generation by a highly specialized medical doctor.

  • Multiple significant actionable findings have been noted and reported for every patient that has undergone GET DNAbled analysis. That includes young and old, male and female, sick and well — in other words, everyone!

  • The program is currently limited to persons in California, eighteen and over.

  • No. The entire GET DNAbled process can be done in the privacy of your own home. A whole genome sequence saliva kit and any necessary blood spot kits will be shipped directly to you. The final report delivery can be done via HIPAA compliant video conferencing. If blood draws are required, they can be done in the comfort of your chosen location, including your own home. If you prefer an in-person experience, you can make an appointment to come to our offices in the Los Angeles area.

  • Your whole genome testing and GET DNAbled reports are currently not covered by insurance — although some of the additional tests may be, depending on your personal medical and family history. We are happy to provide you with medical superbills that you can submit to your insurance company if you get any of the following: Food/Inhalants Sensitivity Testing, Micronutrient Testing, and Pharmacogenomics.

    No one is allowed access to your whole genome sequence file or GET DNAbled reports without your permission. Your genetic rights under US law are protected by GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act). Genetic information cannot be used for purposes of limiting access to health insurance or employment. It can be used to limit access to life insurance and long-term care insurance. We do not advise sharing or selling your genetic information unless it is de-identified and anonymized. Your actual name is not used at all in the sequencing of your DNA.

  • Your individualized results are securely uploaded to our GET DNAbled patient portal. Dr. Stanford will walk you through all the information compiled into your personalized blueprint. All of your GET DNAbled reports, raw Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) data file, as well as any other actionable results will all be summarized on your GET DNAbled Blueprint which will remain saved in a HIPAA compliant cloud storage for you to securely access and/or download and share with your family or doctor. You may request deletion of all of this information at any time.

  • We welcome you to invite your primary care physician (PCP) to the walkthrough with Dr. Stanford. Thereafter, your PCP can help you manage the medical recommendations that are given. You will also be able to share your reports with your PCP who can download them and keep them in your chart for future reference (if you direct the PCP to do so).

  • Initially for one year. After that — if you opt-in to our $4.99/month cloud subscription — indefinitely. Opting in will facilitate the updating of your information and reports (for a fee) as new scientific information becomes available or there is a change in your personal medical or family history. You will be notified should something unforeseen happen and the data needs to be transferred to another secure HIPAA compliant location. We will also delete all of your raw data files and reports at your request.

  • From beginning to end, the full GET DNAbled process takes 6-8 weeks. Your whole genome sequencing takes approximately 4 weeks of that timeline. From there we are able to create your GET DNAbled Blueprint and set up your final appointment with the doctor to discuss your results.